Identifying the best approach

to customer service...

Our complete model development plan can enhance the growth

of any organization. By providing proven experience, knowledge

and practice of key design elements, the Eleserv team can bring

substantial growth to the future of your organization.

Who is your customer?

When you build a new customer service model or change your existing model, Eleserv works

with you to define who your customer is, what business your customer is in, and who your

contact is within the organization. We help your organization focus your service efforts on

understanding the customer expectations, understanding the value of the retained customer,

and the financial impact of aligning your service model with your company strategy.

Once we understand your customer, the Eleserv team will evaluate the successful

relationships within your customer base. Relationships that provide value to the customer

and to your organization. We ask the touch questions...

What does success look like for your customers?

Why do your customers leave?

Eleserv will then marry the customer expectations with your company strategy and create a

model that will support the achievement of organizational goals, while retaining the best

customers with the greatest value.

The Plan

The design of the customer service model will enable the organization to have an executable model

with established goals, objectives and benchmarks for successful implementation.

Our deliverable action plan will outline the necessary steps and processes that relate to the goals

established in the plan. The key here is to execute the plan. Our team will be your partner to ensure

a successful execution for all elements of the plan.

We will provide guidance and expert advice on troubleshooting and adapting the plan as issues arise

Specifics, objectives, and timelines will be outlined in the plan

Benchmarks will be established and reviewed

Responsibility for specific objectives will be assigned

The Metrics

Our team will develop specific metrics for measuring outcomes and enable the data

collection to ensure the progress of the plan is producing results.

What is your customer retention rate?

What is the average value of your customer?

What is the average tenure of your customer?

Eleserv will outline the complete profile

of the successful customer service representative,

assist with job descriptions and the recruiting of new team members.

Our team can help your organization create a new or review an

existing talent management program ensuring that the goals that

you have set align with expectations. Coming out of this review will

be an executable plan that your organization can use to drive all

future implementation and activity.

Eleserv will design, train and coach your supervisors for the ongoing

performance management of the customer service team. We will train

team leaders in basic leadership skills, clearly identifying key metrics

and the identification of the behaviors that drive those metrics.