Our mission is simple

Put together solutions that help align talent strategies with organizational objectives and goals in a way that maximizes productivity and positively impacts the bottom line.

Finding the right person for any position within your oganization is critical. Eleserv has assembled a group of assessment tools that will help your organization identify the individual or individuals that fit the position and has the skills to succeed every time. Contact Us for more information

Ineffective leadership can have a disastrous effect on an organization. Sometimes we just need to reboot. Utilizing tools designed to understand more about a leader’s natural leadership style, our consultants will work with your organization and your leader to achieve the outcomes you desire. Contact Us For More Information

Whether you need a custom training program developed to be delivered onsite or a web- based training solution that can be implemented across the organization, Eleserv can help you. Our training professionals have worked with Fortune 500 companies and small organizations.  And, they are ready to help your organization. Contact us for more information.  

New sales coming in but revenue not going up, it could be your customer service approach. Outsource a Chief Customer Officer from Eleserv to build a proven model of client retention for your organization. Contact us for a free consultation.

Effective teams are the backbone of a successful organization. Sometimes those teams don’t function as well as they should and need a boost. The professionals at Eleserv can build a custom team building program that will kickstart your team back into gear.

Blockchain recruiting solutions speed up the recruiting process while providing your organization secure, accurate verification of education, certifications, work history, and background. Contact Us for more information

Is your company losing clients faster than you can bring new ones in. Trust your customer service to us. Eleserv’s proven methods of proactive customer service is proven to increase revenue. Contact us for more information.

Our clients understand how critical excellent customer service can be to the success and growth of the company. They demand world-class customer experiences for their customers. We seek out clients that want to challenge the status quo and are not afraid to try something new.

Partnering with eleserv has proven to be a great business decision.  There are many companies that offer employee assessments but the personal attention and customer service you receive bundled with the assessment tools is incredible.  The account managers at eleserv have always gone above and beyond in the time and attention to our talent.  I’m proud to have eleserv as part of our talent management toolkit.

-Patty Demetrios