Job Fit is more important than ever.

With unemployment at an all-time low and more and more individuals aging out of the workforce every day, it is critical to make sure that you hire the right person the first time, avoiding unnecessary time and money filling the position again. Very often when someone doesn’t work out on a job, it is because they don’t fit with what is required on the job. This is known as Job Fit.

At Eleserv we have assembled an excellent combination of assessment tools that can be used in any phase of the employee life cycle including selection, promotion, employee development, leadership development, team development, and leadership effectiveness.

In the selection process, a recruiter will encounter many prospective candidates, and it is challenging to select a candidate who would add the greatest amount of value to the organization. Utilizing a behavioral job fit assessment will assist the recruiter in selecting candidates that are a FIT with the position, organization, culture, etc.

Behavioral Assessments — an Overview

The fastest way to get an employee engaged and effective is putting them into an environment where they have a chance to succeed. Utilizing job match technology, the assessment tools Eleserv provides allow an organization to match candidates against an ideal model determined by assessing top performers in the organization. However, assessments aren’t just for selection. In addition to selection, Eleserv emphasizes using Behavioral Assessments for identifying attitudes and functions of behavior in a candidate. Armed with this information, a hiring manager in an organization can manage an individual more effectively.

What Our Behavioral Assessment Tools Do

Behavioral assessments are conducted to eliminate subjectivity involved in the selection process and supercharge the development process. They assist recruiters in shortlisting the number of candidates more effectively, while also identifying team-building and advancement opportunities within an existing organization.

Hiring new personnel for an organization can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Employing assessment tools can assist a recruiter in shortlisting the candidates that show a promising and yielding approach towards an organization. It enables them to make improved hiring decisions and refrain from selecting job applicants who will not add value to the organization. A behavioral assessment tool will help with objective testing for:

  • Hiring or Promoting
  • Time-to-Hire Reduction
  • Candidate Quality Increases
  • Turnover Reduction
  • Retention Increases
  • Employee Development
  • Cultural Fit Analysis

The Talent Bullseye assessment has been designed to compare 25 behavioral traits and critical thinking and reasoning of an individual with those of people who have been high performers in a given role, and generate a FitScoreTM that is a very accurate predictor of success. Backed by years of science. The assessment is based on the Big 5 of personality, the most proven measure of personality.


The Talent Bullseye assessment generates 4 reports.

  • The Interview Report
  • The Job Fit Report
  • The Job Summary Report
  • The Individual Report

The information provided by the Talent Bullseye can tell you:

  • How your candidate is likely to approach their work
  • How your candidate is likely to interact with others
  • How is your candidate likely to embrace change?
  • How is your candidate likely to behave as an individual?
  • How is your candidate likely to weather challenge and adversity?

Completely Configurable

The Talent Bullseye assessment is completely configurable. The biggest complaint about assessment products is that they take so long. It doesn’t make sense that someone applying to a Housekeeping position should get the same questionnaire as someone being considered for an Operations Manager position. Each job requires a very different set of traits for the person to be successful... so through a patented process we are able to serve up only questions related to the most important traits in any one job. It saves you and your candidates time... and gets you just the information you need.

We help people and organizations make better choices, by collecting better information about the things that matter most and are most predictive of success. There are three levels of questions that need to be answered. Unfortunately, the resume doesn’t answer them.

CAN this person do the job?

Skills, education, availability... collected in the online application form

HOW will this person do the job?

Based on their personal traits and characteristics, are they a good fit for this particular job?

WILL this person do the job, and WHY?

standards, attitudes, values... is this person a good fit for the environment here?

Interested in seeing if the Talent Bullseye will fit with your organization? The best way to find out is to try it. Contact us for a free demo.