Blockchain Recruiting Solutions make recruiters more effective and speed up the recruiting process.

The system is an online verification, career management, and recruitment platform utilizing blockchain technology to enable the verification of resume credentials by certification authorities and employers.


Improved Security

The distributed, decentralized nature of the blockchain enhances security and reduces the likelihood of identity fraud. Candidate information is replicated across the distributed ledger and cryptographically secured. Overall this create a trustful environment for candidates, consultants and employers who do not know

Efficiency Improvements

The peer to peer nature of blockchains can remove intermediaries who introduce friction, delays and costs into transactions between candidates and employers. Overall, this speeds up the interactions between all players in the recruitment eco-system and enables faster throughput.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are self executing, autonomous software programs that run on the blockchain. They can be used to manage many aspects of the platform including matching candidate profiles to open positions, automatically rewarding the verification of candidate data and controlling access to candidate information

Guaranteed Accuracy

Candidate information, updated and verified onto the blockchain is maintained as a permanent up to date record of the candidate’s career and educational background. This record is guaranteed to be accurate and tamper proof therefore providing an immutable record for employers, candidates and consultants.

What is Blockchain?

Candidate Verification

Blockchain Candidate Verification provides a roadmap to an improved verification process for organizations. Instead of spending hours verifying candidate data, recruiters can concentrate on sourcing and developing relationships with potential candidates.

Benefits for Employers:

  • Reduce the cost and speed up the process of verifying candidates
  • Save money and time on certification and reference checks
  • Receive verified references immediately upon authorization by the candidate
  • Simplify the hiring processes, immediate filtering of candidates
  • Improve the quality of reference checks with simple access to a greater number of verification authorities

Benefits for Candidates

  • Maintain their own data and improve the quality of their applications
  • Save money and time on sending and storing employment references
  • Obtain immediate access to verified references and certifications
  • Make the application process simpler – no need to structure data before submitting

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