Blockchain Recruiting Solutions Puts the Power of the Universe in your Hands

June is the month for vacations and golf. Ok, I’ll admit anytime is a great time for golf for me. However, this month was one for the ages. I had the opportunity to go to Nova Scotia. Halifax is an awesome little city with tons of history behind it. It is a college town with a bunch of bars and distilleries (I am in my 20s). The real experience, though was the opportunity to play golf at Cabot Links. For all the golfers out there, you have not played golf until you have played Cabot Links. Words cannot justify the beauty of the course and the overall experience.

So that was my June but now we are back in the saddle trying to get through the dog days of summer. That leads me to discussing a HOT topic this month…Blockchain.

As I have mentioned previously, I am 25 and at the heart of the Millenial rush. I am part of the group that loves having the power of the universe in my hands and wants that power in milliseconds. Sorry G****e, no free ads. I get my news from Twitter because it is almost instant. “Yeah mom, that’s old news…Twitter broke that story 35 minutes ago” or my favorite rebuttal “Well, I don’t see anything on Twitter so it must not be true.”

As a generation, we are almost addicted to things happening at the snap of a finger. You know that buzz word you non-millenials LOVE to use against us…instant gratification. This need to have instant gratification stems from the technology world we grew up in. We grew up being able to know the population of Halifax in under 5 seconds, book a trip to Halifax in under 5 minutes, and travel to Halifax in under 5 hours. We were trained to have all of that instantly. Why wouldn’t we think everything in life would come instantly? Unfortunately, reality sets in and slaps most of my fellow millenials in the face but they are not alone. The people scoffing at this “instant gratification generation” are the same ones who wish they had that instant gratification. Of that group of people, it just so happens a big portion are in the Human Resources industry. Some Human Resources folks would probably sell a kidney to have some instant gratification in a job that was designed to move at a Cave Man pace. Come on, You know I’m right.

If I could reduce your Time to Hire by 80% would you be on the instant gratification train? What about 50%? I bet some would be happy with 10%.

You can do a video interview with someone and do a behavioral assessment to see if they are a good fit for your company but how do you know if their job history, education, and skills check out? You pick up the phone and start calling references. You take time out of your day to see if someone actually worked at Company X, Y, and Z. With each candidate added to the pool, you are adding days, weeks, and in some cases even MONTHS to the process. What if that could be reduced to days, hours, and maybe even minutes?

Enter Blockchain Recruiting Solutions

No, I am not about to sell you on Bitcoin. Blockchain in its simplest form is a secured ledger that can store information without the risk of it being altered. In fact, there is zero risk. Once information is on the blockchain, information cannot be changed.

Instead of Instant Gratification, Blockchain can give you “Instant Verification”.

How does that help you in HR?

I have a Blockchain app on my phone that shows I attended the University of Houston, that I am an employee at eleserv, and that I was a past employee at Company X completely verified as the truth. I can now take that app. to a recruiter and say “Here is where I have been. My references have already confirmed my work history so go take that two hour lunch you never get”. And, now that recruiter just gave me the job because they don’t have to waste time verifying who I am or my background. Skills, accreditations, and background checks can also be checked. That is the value to the candidate… what is the value to you?

Think about this. A Healthcare company took their Time to Hire from 3 months to 3 days with this verification tool.

I could talk all day about this, but for the sake of the blog, we will stop with the mic drop.

All you have to do is ask yourself; Do you want to Decrease Your Time to hire, make life easier on your candidates, and spend your time more wisely?

If the answer is Yes, then contact us at [email protected] for a demo of our Blockchain Verification app.

Remember, I said I like having the power of the universe in the palm of my hands? Well, now I do with these blockchain apps. and you can too

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