Thank You

Two simple words that mean so much to so many. We were all taught as a little child to say “please” and “Thank You” but somehow as we grow older, that habit seems to slip and especially in the workplace. Many times, when someone does something for us, we think “that is part of their job” or we just plain take it for granted. Unfortunately, when we don’t show gratitude to folks that work for and with us, they begin to look around for someplace else where somebody will show gratitude for the job they do. Set a goal this week to say Thank You more often. You’ll be surprised at the effect it has on you and your colleagues.

The English origin of the term “Thank You” comes from the term “to think” and originally meant “I will remember what you did for me”. That puts an entirely different spin on the phrase “Thank You’ doesn’t it?

We have all experienced things in our lives that we should remember, done for us by people that did it because they cared for us, or it was just the right thing to do. I’m sure if I asked you to recall one of those instances, each one of us could immediately bring that situation to mind.

For me, it was a gentleman named Walt (no not Disney). I had just moved to a city where I knew nobody, and I was struggling to find a job as a recent college graduate with no experience. Walt saw potential in me and gave me an opportunity to begin to learn a job which I had never done before so therefore did not have any experience in. That opportunity started a chain of events that allowed me to be where I am now in my career. He has passed away now but I’ll always remember Walt because he gave an awkward 23 yr. old college graduate a chance.

Who is that person in your life? In this season of Thanksgiving, take a minute to send that person a handwritten note. This would mean a lot to this person. However, if you are not a writer, take a minute to send them a text, email or just pick up the phone and tell them “I will remember what you did for me”

Happy Thanksgiving