We Recommend Ditching the Resume in Hiring. Here’s Why.

Many companies are searching for ways to save money, become more efficient, and make their staff more productive at their jobs. To achieve such lofty goals, companies turn to technology.

There is a new technology that is transforming and improving the hiring process.


The tried and true method is to start by posting a job and reviewing resumes. We all know that many people exaggerate or even lie on resumes. This makes the process inefficient and costly.  

Imagine you are looking for an accountant. You have candidates that apply not with an application and resume, but with a verified work history, education, and complete background check. There is no need for the resume.

This would save you time and money, making your certification process more efficient, and reducing the dreaded “time to hire” KPIs.


Here is how it works. It is the complete reversal of the current dynamic. A candidate creates a profile, gets verified, and controls the security for their own data.

What this means for your organization is:

  • No more applicant tracking systems that must repeat the same process for every candidate multiple times.
  • No more starting a lengthy process of reviewing, evaluating, verifying, and then making an offer.
  • No more hiring people, only to find out they did not have the skills or their background did not check out.
  • No more security concerns with candidate data.


With this new process, you can feel confident about the candidates you speak with. You can spend your time getting to know the candidates, understanding their situations, and focusing on finding the best fit for your organization. 

If you look at how long your current process takes to implement, and how much you are losing with new hires not working out, you have to ask yourself – aren’t you ready for a new and better way to recruit?

Intrigued? Contact us today. We’re happy to put together a pilot project for you to see how much better the process works and walk you through any challenges you may have to ensure you hire the best talent and minimize the chances of a mis-hire.