Say Thank You

Thank You Two simple words that mean so much to so many. We were all taught as a little child to say “please” and “Thank You” but somehow as we grow older, that habit seems to slip and especially in the workplace. Many times, when someone does something for us, we think “that is part […]

Maximize the Ones You Have

Tips on Maximizing your existing workforce The Great Resignation!! Everybody is talking about it. Everybody has a theory about why it’s happening. Salaries are too low, the migration to remote workforces, people dropping out of the workforce because of COVID are all valid reasons. I’m sure there are many others. The other unique dynamic is […]

Building Trust and Speed in the Recruitment Process Using Blockchain Technology

Freelancing, a booming economy, demand for talent, and a skill-less workforce are all elements of a perfect storm happening in the US job market. Companies desperately need bodies to fill openings and perhaps are being more than lax in completing the often cumbersome steps in their well-designed centralized selection process.  Even with a well-designed process […]