By bringing together a wide variety of industry experience, the team created the foundation for the solutions that we employ today.

People costs are approximately 30-50% of an organization’s budget but most of those organizations are not doing what they need to do to maximize their people. Whether those individuals work in customer service, sales, operations, or leadership, many of them are underperforming. It was the desire to help organizations maximize their people that led to the creation of Eleserv.

Our goals as a leadership team are:

Help organizations maximize the productivity of their people.

Help organizations minimize the cost of bad hires.

Provide organizations talent solutions that have been proven to be effective in solving talent challenges.

Provide world-class customer service to our clients.

Have a positive impact on the bottom line.

These common goals drive everything we do.

Kelly has over 15 years experience in Talent Management. She has a broad background in scoping talent solutions, implementation planning, delivery of services, and strategic planning on behalf of her clients. As a solutions provider, she has been able to deliver real business results to customers, while leading and developing a high performing team of sales and service professionals. Kelly loves the opportunity to strategize with her clients to provide solutions that will have a real impact on the bottom line. When she is not at work, Kelly loves the opportunity to get out on the river in a kayak and enjoy the great outdoors.

Gina has a passion for helping people. She developed this passion over years consulting with providers that work with preschool aged children, developmentally disabled, and seniors. This passion carries over to her work at Eleserv. When Gina is working with a client, she focuses on the solutions that will provide the most positive impact not only to the client but also to the employees of that client. Over her 10+ years in the talent management/acquisition space, she has developed an extensive knowledge of HR products and solutions and brings that knowledge to every client engagement with the goal of helping that client reach their goals and objectives. Gina loves the great outdoors and uses every opportunity away from work to be outside and hanging with her kids and dogs.

Dwight has over 15 years in both Talent Management and Service Management. He is a problem-solver with an uncanny ability to dig deep and see the root cause of an issue and not just the symptom. His passion is making sure each and every Eleserv client gets a world-class client experience. He does that by listening with an intent to understand. In addition to his work in the Talent Management space, he has also worked in Operations Management and systems integration. When Dwight is not having fun at Eleserv, he enjoys watching and playing every sport he can and takes every opportunity he can to give back to the community.