It takes months to acquire a new customer. Unfortunately, it only takes one bad experience to lose a customer for life. Therefore, it is hard to imagine entrusting your customer service to "just anyone". Eleserv isn't just anyone, Eleserv is comprised of a team of service professionals who know what excellent customer service looks like and takes pride in the service they provide for their customers.

When you entrust your customer service to Eleserv, we take care of your customers just like we would if they were our own. Utilizing proven methods, our team of service professionals will work with and nurture your client in a way that will increase revenue and client retention.

One of our Senior Service Consultants will sit down with your organization to understand your goals and determine if Eleserv can help your organization accomplish those goals. If the answer is yes, we will begin putting together the Customer Profile for your organization.

This customer profile will provide Eleserv a roadmap to working with your organization. Your complete profile will include communication requirements, a step-by-step implementation plan, a plan for how Eleserv service consultants will work with your clients, metrics for measuring success, and reporting requirements.

We are NOT a call center

Eleserv is comprised of Professional Service Consultants that want to get to know your customer so they can be proactive with them and their needs.   We care about your business and want to help you increase your revenue.   Our ultimate goal is for your organization to be successful.    

We use PROVEN methods

The methods we utilize with your customers have been proven to increase revenue and increase client retention. The methods are simple: 
1. We do everything we can to understand the customer. 
2. We are proactive in meeting their needs, and 
3. We are accountable to the customer and to you.

We make it EASY

You have plenty of difficult things to deal with while managing your business. Working with Eleserv shouldn’t be one of them. We do the work and are proactive in providing you reporting and identifying opportunities and potential issues.

We provide a WORLD-CLASS client experience

All of our Professional Service Consultants are recruited from organizations with a reputation for providing a high quality customer experience. At Eleserv, they are expected to provide the same kind of world-class customer experience. We survey clients regularly to ensure we are meeting their expectations.


Eleserv will provide you with regular reporting on your clients. In addition, you will be able to look in at any time on any client utilizing smart sheet technology. You always have information at your fingertips and will always have access to your service consultants for further discussion and strategizing.