Customer Service Training

Our team of professional trainers can provide guidance on the best customer service approach for your business to help improve customer retention.

Keeping the customer service goals of the organization in mind, our team will develop customer service training to enhance your team’s skills, improve your brand, and impact your bottom line.

Our team will approach customer service training with the unique requirements of each organization in mind and will incorporate company specific topics in addition to standard training modules. Adults learn best by experiencing and doing, Therefore, each training engagement will be packed with heavy interaction throughout the session including activities, role play, and problem solving. Clients with more extensive training and evaluation needs might consider our outsourced customer service program.

Topics Include:

Each B2B customer service training engagement will be coupled with pre-work and post-training testing

Understanding your customerCustomer service skillsHow to improve customer experienceImproved customer retention


This customer service training course will provide an understanding of who your customer is and why providing good customer service is important to your organization.


This course will provide guidance on written and verbal communication, body language, and best practices on interacting with a customer.


This course will provide more advanced practices for engaging a customer, problem solving, escalation, documentation and follow-up.


Learn to develop strong relationships with customers for longer term retention and how those relationships can provide opportunities for new business.

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